Apathy. It's an epidemic.

Study Finds Young People Remain Apathetic About Office Politics
Karadzic protected by US until he broke 'deal'. Why were we protecting a monster?
Cass Sunstein, of the University of Chicago, and friends studied the Supreme Court's rulings looking for partisanship. Guess what they found? See for yourself: Judicial Partisanship Awards.

Just another Buzzzz Kill.

The Large Hadron Collider

It's nearly ready! Check out these photos at The Big Picture. (also, see Physics Rap below)
The Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece digitally constructed. (tip-o'-the-hat to things magazine)
5 ways to trigger a natural disaster. Can This Planet be Saved? Perhaps... "Major Discovery" from MIT Primed to Unleash Solar Revolution.

Why did the Doha Round of trade talks fail? India and China said no to the US. For White House, Hiring is Political.

'"One does not have to believe everything is true," a priest tells Joseph K in "The Trial." "One only has to believe it is necessary."

I've looked, and I can't find a better summation of the Bush administration's logic.' - Louis Bayard writes in "How Kafka-esque is Kafka?"

What could you do to improve things around the world with $10 billion? Bjorn Lomborg and the Copenhagen Consensus have some good ideas. Just think... if the Bush administration had done some of these things instead of wasting blood and treasure upon an act of folly, the world would be a better place already.

A Physics Rap

Seriously. Tip-o'-the-hat to Ian Sample at The Guardian.

The Silly Season is in full swing. How do I know? Just look at the presidential campaign: McCain's talking trash. Well, that's nothing new, is it? Just think, there's over three months to go until Election Day. It's time for the D.C. Limbo - how low can they go? Meantime, Exxon-Mobil is going up.

All that talk about a possible war with Iran? Like we said here a while back, it's already on. Time to place your bets.

Beware the Fusion Centers - no, it's not a place to get a smoothie.

Imagine there's no oil: Scenes from a liberal apocolypse. Maybe it's time to brew your own?

Stop kickin' the tires! Watch this report, and then go read your tires. You'll be glad you did. (tip-o'-the-hat to Dave D'Alessandro)

Does a person's tastes in art say something about him or her? Probably.

Looks like executive privilege only applies to washrooms. You still have to watch out for Larry Craig, though.

An excellent series on Alaska's Changing Climate. Not to be missed. (tip-o'-the-hat to Davin Ellicson)
Herzog says,'Only an Idiot Would Have Said No'. Glad it's so simple for him.

Antikythera Mechanism Deciphered

The New York Times reports that researchers have uncovered the workings of the famous Antikythera Mechanism. (photo - Antikythera Mechanism Research Project)

House Panel Votes to Cite Rove for Contempt.
Imagine that you are a schoolteacher. You take photos of the wreckage from an earthquake. You post the photos on the internet, wondering why so many schools collapsed in the earthquake. For this, you are sent to a labor camp for a year for "re-education". Seems fair, doesn't it?

Wednesday. American political ideology graphed. American political ideology, graft - Goodbye, Uncle Ted. The road to ruin.

Where to now?

"In a sensible political environment, the Rand report’s conclusion would be obvious and beyond question."

A promise I hope he keeps - Obama Would Order Review of Bush's Executive Orders.

He Should Stick to His Day Job

John Voight wrote a an op-ed for the Washington Times, "My Concerns for America - Obama Sowing Socialist Seeds in Young People". Kinda over-the-top, if you ask me. We give celebs way too much space for this sort of thing. He kinda reminds me of Brigitte Bardot; nice to look at once upon a time, but not much going on upstairs.


Monday. The Battle For A Country's Soul. Feeling John McCain. Obama in Iraq. The Democrats and National Security. It's much later than you think. Obama's new cards. How Obama became acting president. Did I mention Obama?

Taxpayers Bailout for Fannie and Freddie = performance bonuses! Let's celebrate! Foreclosures all around!

We have a Drinking Problem.


Nick Cohen raises some good questions about America's future once we get over our infatuation with Obama.

I have an Obama bumper sticker on my car. I dropped my independent status and became a Democrat because I want change - real change - but I wonder how much is really possible.

If Obama is elected president, what will change in America? Will some of the 37 million people now living below the poverty line be lifted out of their misery? Will there be less people in prison? Will health insurance become affordable? Will Obama have the political will to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration, or will things be mostly swept under the rug, similar to the Iran-Contra fiasco? Will our foreign policy be able to shift to new challenges as well as getting us out of two bloody wars? Will America find a way to meet the challenges of climate change? I could go on and on...

Instead of placing our hopes on one man, the problems we face will require the work of millions, not to mention a less corrupt Congress. Changing the course of the ship of state is no easy task, and expecting one man to perform miracles is a recipe for disaster.

If you want change, be prepared to roll up your sleeves.
Survivors of Bosnian concentration camps speak out. The war we don't see. (tip-o'-the-hat to Davin Ellicson)
Here's a look at a house by Mexican architect, Javier Senosian.