Is there anything that can be done about traffic congestion? Yep.

Feith-based initiative

I saw this a few days ago and had decided not to embed it, but it's making the rounds now, so here goes...

Losing it...

The Most Trusted Name in News

What a nut. It would seem more important to be upset by this.

The Only Possible Reason to Vote for Hillary

On second thought, nah.
Mass transit is looking good. The tragedy in Burma... er, Myanmar. A moment of truth in Lebanon. Daniel Cohn-Bendit says 1968 is dead (he oughta know); let's leave it that way. 5 sci-fi movies that get the science almost right.

An early autopsy of the Clinton Campaign. Sadly, she's still around. How low can she go?

Matt Taibbi is on the story of one mother - Hillary's Bitter Victory