The Ugliness


Today, I'd like to extend my personal thanks to John McCain and Sarah Palin for exposing the issues that divide this country. Through their candidacy, we Americans have seen clearly just how fearful, hateful and prejudiced our fellow Americans truly are.

McCain didn't have to run a sleazy campaign against Obama - but thankfully, he did. Had John McCain not run the nasty, virulent campaign that he has, I would have only had an inkling of how stupid, ignorant, racist and frightening my fellow Americans really are. What a great relief to know that roughly 50% of my neighbors are total knuckleheads bent on the destruction of this country. Now, I can go quietly about my life safe in the knowledge that one out of every two people I meet is a dangerous asshole. And it confirms another feeling I've had for quite some time; that perhaps it is now time to let another, less stupid and suicidal species run the planet.

The nationalist campaign of the McCain/Palin ticket has sought to sow fear amongst the electorate, and it has worked to a degree. Please watch the video below.

These people don't exist only in Eastern Ohio; they are your neighbors and mine. And they are just as frightening to me as Islamic fundamentalists.

"Country First"

With the government now taking huge stakes in our banking and trading systems, I fear more than ever the encroachment of a centralized government into our daily affairs. One of the key components of fascism is the centralized control of business to further the goals of the State. To vote for McCain this year is certainly a vote for nationalism and militarism, ugly enough in and of themselves. But is it also a vote for fascism? Sure it is. Roughly half of you would be just dandy with that, wouldn't you?

Not to worry, though. If you're stupid enough to elect McCain, you'll get what you deserve.