08.06.2008 - 08.21.2008 -  We're heading to Japan...


Mike Bloomberg thinks we need a "New, New Deal". He's done more for New York during his tenure as mayor than Rudy ever did. Maybe we should listen to him... Congress Must Act to Keep Econmoy Growing. McCain Changes Lanes. Berlusconi puts troops on the streets - "The government has repeatedly linked rising crime rates to illegal immigration, which last month prompted Berlusconi and his ministers to declare a national state of emergency." Hmmm... I wonder if the statistics back that up, or whether something else is afoot. An ominous shadow from the past? Is the future dark as well? Hersh: Cheney Plan for Creating False Flag Attack.

Gene doping: Genetically modified Olympians? Beware the Superbugs.

A double life. Days of Lies and Roses.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn dies aged 89. A World Split Apart.


Sunday. Shuffling around. A cast-iron case for a secular society. Oil from algae? The Power of Mao. The anthrax case raises new questions about the investigation and the media who reported it. What hath the Southern Strategy wrought?

Worth watching - Bill Moyers Journal takes another look at Capital Crimes, starring Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist and a host of other scumbags.

Moistscape. The Urge to Merge. 6.6.