Unify this...

Just forget that Obama/Clinton ticket.

Burma & Reality: It didn't happen.

Another failed idea brought to you by the Republicans.

The Guardian has got a whole subsection devoted to May 1968.

Niall Ferguson explains to an audience at the Hoover Institute why we need John McCain...

Sorry! Yesterday became unexpectedly busy, and by the time I got a chance to think about posting, my head was resting on a pillow. So, here's a little Radiohead to send you into the (rest of the) weekend...

Bert & Ernie

Neoconitis and other contemporary ills...

Not all Neocons are bloody fools, but most of them are, and like a chorus of madmen, they are calling for Bush to attack Iran before he leaves office. The fact that they constantly tell "untruths" has got Glenn Greenwald's dander up today. Greenwald's post deals with Michael Ledeen, one of the people who brought us the Iran-Contra scandal, and is accused of helping to plot the false yellowcake story which was used to push the War in Iraq (and ultimately led to the Plame Affair). Quite the resumé, fella...

Hillary is hanging on by her fingernails. Fake Steve weighs in. Because she won the Indiana primary by two percentage points, she seems to think that a slim margin gives her a mandate to continue destroying the party. Suppose that the Indiana primary had come out only slightly differently, with Hillary losing by two percentage points instead of winning by that margin - a total shift of 4%. Would a 2% margin for Obama have convinced the powers-that-be in the Democratic Party to shut Hillary down? Ken Silverstein over at Harper's likes Hillary because she's "bloodthirsty monster". In his post, he quotes a reader's email which complains that Hillary doesn't get much respect because the people who like her work hard every day, are possibly older, and don't blog. Maybe that's true, maybe it's not. What is certain is that this power hungry monster is not interested in what's best for the country if it doesn't do her any good. The narcissisism of the Clintons knows no bounds.

Our puppy turns one year old today... 

$200 per barrel. Makes me feel "Rand-y".

How McCain will save us all some money...

McCain Vows To Replace Secret Service With His Own Bare Fists

On a lighter note... Bjork/All is Full of Love

Billary: The Movie

Two thumbs up for Roger Ebert.

One Note Samba - Stereolab

Billary rides to glory amidst defeat. Maybe we should start calling them Bevita, as in Evita... This tune is getting old. Maybe it's because of this, and that has something to do with being Consumed. Or maybe not...

There are mavericks, and then there's John McCain, a sort of short maverick, riding a merry-go-round pony.

Oil prices keep climbing, especially for political candidates. But they should remember that oil and democracy make strange bedfellows.

Class consciousness is inbred...

In the final reckoning, ends don't justify means. Even a Neocon can say "I don't see anything good that has come from this war".

Those contrails look so pretty in the sky... and so does this guy, who has entered the 2008 NBA Draft.

Rainbow Conversation by Stereolab...

Enough already!

Wouldn't it be nice if the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana settled something? Don't count on it - Hillary's got No Endgame.

Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, renditions... it's not just overseas that things get out of hand. We incarcerate too many people. Nothing good comes of it in the long run.

Bush wanted to democratize the the Middle East? No, no... You didn't hear that correctly - it's the Disney-fication of the Middle East.

Dana Milbank describes a presidency in its twilight; it's about nothing.

All those CCTVs in the UK don't do much good. So much for the Surveillance Society? Doubt it.

An interesting article by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker about ideas... in the air.

Here's an idea brought to life... a huge LED solar-powered screen.

Foreshadowing - Radiohead's Pyramid Song

An Ugly Truth About An Ugly War

Post War Suicides May Exceed Combat Deaths - Inadequate health care strikes again. It's bad enough we send kids off to die and be maimed for the Almighty Dollar, but couldn't we at least take care of them when they get back?
Where's Mama Cass when you need her?

The US is drawing up plans to attack Iran, and maybe by the end of the year they'll be using robo-bugs to do reconnaissance work. Resistance is futile. Joschka Fischer looks for what will grow Out of the Ashes. Maybe it's simpler to follow the money. Perspective is everything: Moyers weighs in again on the Wright saga. There's nothing new in the Wright story - people just want you to think there is.

Look at what you're walking on... it's probably not as nice as this.

Innovation the Pixar way. (Thanks to Daring Fireball)

Another Lovely Sunday...

The Washington Independent asks Is John Conyers Getting Anywhere? Considering that the Democratic leadership took impeachment off the table, Conyers and Waxman seem like our only hope for something resembling justice.

From the guy who dripped honey over the movie 300, a rant on Wright and Obama. It is amazing to see the Hard Right in such a reactionary state - who would have imagined such a thing?. I'll let Andrew Sullivan take it from there.

Tomasky asks someone to please pass the Maalox.

Busting a chip cartel.

more later...