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Seems they may have been "duped". And look at who is involved in this sordid little chapter - Douglas Feith, Stephen Cambone, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and, right in the middle of everything, none other than Michael Ledeen, he of Iran-Contra fame, also linked to the Plame Affair for having possibly helped supply fake documents about yellowcake from Niger. Oh, yeh, he also works at the American Enterprise Institute, as well as writes for The National Review. Here's my favorite Ledeen quote: "the only way to achieve peace is through total war".

Gee, I wonder why BushCo. decided to change the rules for declassifying executive branch papers going all the way back to the Reagan Administration?
William J. Astore says "Uncle Sam's Cyber Force Wants You!"
Levitation is possible. Read here.
Dissent Magazine presents: U.S. Basketball and World Politics.
Chris Hedges explains. And if you think our country is doing a good job of battling terrorists, think again. Every time they mess up, they make us more enemies. Scott Horton discusses the fate of Maher Arar, an innocent Canadian citizen wrongly picked up by authorities and shipped off to Syria for questioning and torture. Is this the country we want for ourselves and our children? Remember, it is ours - not the neocons, not Halliburton's or Blackwater's or the rest of the military-industrial complex. Is this the country your child pledges allegiance to every morning at school? The Bush-Cheney administration has made me ashamed of being an American.

One down, three to go...

As the dust begins to settle on the Democratic nomination, will Hillary be a power broker?: Boss Clinton. Margaret Carlson sings a Rolling Stones refrain to Hillary - "you can't always get what you want". But not to worry... David Weigel at Reason explains that "Everything's Gonna Be All White".
Above All set to fall? A shake up in the Air Force. Bush knew he was lying. Go figure. More wasted taxpayer dollars on useless propaganda. Comic books won't make the Japanese love our Navy, despite the fact that since the Aegis system has been fully integrated with the Japanese navy, the US and Japan fight as a single unit.

A very instructive graph, don't you think? It's from this article in the Wall Street Journal. 
The US plans to turn Iraq into a colony.

Well, I guess Hillary, the inevitable one, has finally hung up her cleats. But let's not get too excited - we're talking about politics, after all. Let the pandering begin!
As I was entering my daughter's elementary school this afternoon, two bumper stickers on a dirty, green minivan caught my eye. The first was Hillary '08. The second one stated, I'm Not Opinionated, I'm Just Always Right. That explains everything.
Well, hypothetically at least.
Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, but Hillary wouldn't concede defeat - it was like she was some sort of political zombie or something! She just kept reappearing over the horizon, forever shuffling out of the shadows, zombie Bill not far behind, haunting Obama's every move. It was horrible! Then I woke up... oh, that was real? Oh, Shit!

Yep. We're living in a nightmare. First came the Bush 2 years, which were horrible enough. Now, we cannot leave that tragic legacy behind and move forward because the un-dead Clintons continue to haunt us, turning the most important election in the last 50 years into a farce. If Obama loses in November, at least I'll know where to point my finger.

Samantha Power was right: Hillary Clinton is a monster.

How Clinton - the presumptive nominee when this all started - lost the race. Here's Andrew Sullivan's take on the zombies. Here's Ken Silverstein on what's next for Obama.

Wake me when it's over.

I know it's stupid to hope that Billary will cash in her chips tonight (or, more precisely, let Obama pay-off some of her bills for her), but I'm an optimist. If she doesn't leave the stage soon, I'll be the guy over in the corner, snoring loudly.

Meantime, there are a veritable host of other important things happening around the world... NASA is full of fudge... That food crisis thing? The UN says global production must rise 50%... If you're Catholic, make sure you get rid of that Obama bumper sticker before you pull into the church parking lot; You might be refused communion if you don't... Can the island of Manhattan be saved from the rising sea levels associated with global warming?... Hezbollah and the future of Lebanon... So, what really happened at Bear Stearns? And George Soros worries that oil market speculators could trigger a stock market crash... Just another lovely day on planet Earth.

BONUS LINK - Peter Eisenman speculates on the current state of architecture - Six Point Plan.


The New Yorker takes a look at Buckminster Fuller - Dymaxion Man.
Chris Hedges strikes at the Heart of the Beast: The Corporate State and the Subversion of Democracy. Charity can be cool. The color purple. Will we ever come close to the truth regarding the death toll in Iraq? Maybe... Finally! - The greased-pig of the Bush years is under attack: Pressure Mounts on Karl Rove. That won't stop William Kristol from being an idiot; he complains here that Obama didn't mention military service as a way of serving one's country in his commencement speech at Wesleyan... not that Kristol ever did anything himself except suck on a silver spoon. The Madness of King George (continued). But don't despair... put a little science in your life! Let's not forget about the honey bee situation. A point well made: The world is upside down.

Oh, by the way... The Sky is Falling.

Found this quote from Our Fearless Leader on the Daily Dish this morning:

"There is no shame in recognizing your failings or getting help if you need it. The tragedy comes when we fail to take responsibility for our weaknesses and surrender to them," - George W. Bush, without apparent irony, at Furman University.

Under Bush's presidency, the United States has added $32 trillion in unfunded liabilities to the next generation.

Hail, Caesar!
The Guardian is reporting that the US has been accused of holding suspected terrorists aboard "prison" ships. If true, I wonder what, if anything, the Law of the Seas has to say about such matters, and how the Geneva Conventions apply? What horrors will we learn of next?